Yes. Yes. I should be sleeping, preparing myself because I planned to have a morning run at the park, yet here I am writing on with my coffee induced thoughts. The move at the new place is finally settling, coming into this area of comfort and discovery. I think I have come peace with the stagnancy of life. I'd have to admit, I've met the climax of my young adult life and have gotten into this rhythm, which I'm quite thankful for. 

It sounds as if I've turned jaded, but rest assured being thrown into familiar waters makes exploring the existing minute details a breeze. As time passes by, the more I dread sudden shifts, because heart wrenching, soul crushing, philosophy altering experiences, still hasn't proven that "there is no such thing as mistakes, but merely lessons" is the actually the philosophy to live by. Albeit living by with regret isn't the way to go, I have made a contract to myself that it's about time that I place much importance into other things that I've neglected. How vague should I get?

Like many of the things I have contemplated, this coffee isn't agreeing with me -insert interlude here-. How many personality shifts does a person go through in a lifetime? Google isn't helping. I have tire you enough with my relentless rambles on the obscure explanations of my current state of mind, because the caffeine is already, finally, wearing off. 

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