To the restless dreamer

End it, Don't come near
It is self destructive
It will envelope you as it destroys itself

Nevertheless, It creates it's own demise
The beginning of an end
A romanticized tale of nothingness

Restless prayers wouldn't change
the foretold story of the lonesome wolf
The empty treasure chest

It has told you, no?
Come closer, but run far away
A cold fire that lingers

China, a broken piece,
waiting to shatter, pulverized into the earth
To cease into oblivion

Over and under
manipulating the strings
mastery of every move

Farther and farther it feels
the closer it makes out 
what makes you

Rather you suppress 
It brings out the best of the worst
Then out and then to leave

knowing the game all to well
and you crave. You crave

No. It knows the broken piece
was once a part of a whole
A beautiful piece of artwork you see

Calling out to you 
In pain and agony
Resentful and leaving you perplexed

Idiosyncratically alluring
Timid little thing
Ambiguous in all aspects

Sympathetic ol' chap

Conscious, am now
Tender and raw
but yet indebted.

Over and under
I'd play again 
But you see, You were never a friend.

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