So I've never really considered myself as "meticulous" until I noticed my notes on my dorm hunting expedition from 2 years ago, a couple of days ago. I'm not particularly organized with my things, but I guess when it comes to planning I go down to the extremes. I mean do you know anyone who keeps a charts on dorms, number of bed-spaces, percentage of electricity consumption, and price of the unit, in a carefully calculated table. Most people would just "wing it".

You see, when you hear the word planning, you automatically associate this with a person who is uptight and is always ahead of everyone else. Well for me it applies as the complete opposite. The moment I start planning is when I know that all is lost, and only through careful time management will I be able to solve whatever problem I'm dealing with at that time. Oh yes, I'm one of those rare "smart procrastinators". Though I tell you, it is a craft that you need to practice. I've noticed that not everyone can handle the same amount of pressure procrastinating gives, some just end up giving up, while others end up, doing the same or even better than the person who started months prior.

It is a skill that involves the physical, emotional and psychological  aspects in a person, because it's finding sanity in chaos.

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