I have a life

It's been a routine almost every single year that I return to this blog to reminisce the times that I was actually motivated enough to write posts about. Ha! Here I am again saying hello to this dusty old thing, which I will probably update in a later date. Hell, I don't think posts will ever be expected. I almost always keep a mental note to keep it updated, but sometimes the idea of having to do so turns the whole experience of blogging to be tedious, which is suppose to be the complete opposite.

The getaway.

I don't think one sitting would be enough to type all of the new experiences I've encountered since I last dipped my fingers into typing out my life. It's been a hell of a roller coaster ride that's for sure, and having to say that I actually didn't have time to blog is me saying that I have a life. There were more ups than downs on this ride, and I wouldn't trade that for anything. One things for sure, there are feelings that are meant to be felt rather than read.

Experience always trumps anything, and this is me trying to document my little moment of contentment as I reach the end the peak of my years. Oh yes, I do feel as though, I'm beginning to slowly deteriorate, though many says otherwise. Well I don't like wasting time, so to each his own you know.

Spilling words onto this blank space feels as if I'm talking to an old childhood friend, I forgot how much I do like talking to myself. I usually do like to over dramatize situations by which if this was read aloud it would sound somewhere similar to an intro of a movie, most likely categorized under "chick flicks". To tell you the truth, I actually do read these aloud most times. I've also considered recording myself and doing podcasts. This is me and my inner "I wanna be a Radio DJ someday" oozing out. Oh yeah, it's embarrassing. If you talk to me in person, I doubt you would imagine me talking like this.

The beauty of blogging is that I write messy, and nobody can tell me otherwise. You can, but it wouldn't really make a big impact on how I would write the next time around. This is me rambling in written form. If you did know me in person you know that I'm the complete opposite when I'm intoxicated. If you want we to shut up, give me 2 shots of Bacardi and I'm good.

I'm getting off topic. I doubt anyone is reading. Hello person who doesn't life. I'm sorry for being so blunt, but if you're still reading up to this, let me tell you. You need to go out and meet new people. Please do yourself a favor and learn something new. It's cliche, but the only thing stopping you is yourself.

I've planned a lot of things to keep me busy as of this moment, but for now I'm going to watch anime and clean my room before I head back to do university work. Ciao for now.

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