Topsy Turvy Body-clock

Classes are only a week away, and then there's me, waking up at 7-9 pm at night and sleeping at 11 am in the morning. It's as if I'm practically living back in California again. Every single time during any break, I would eventually ruin my sleep pattern to the point that I don't see past noon, and wake-up and the sun is already gone. Before I used to have the ability to get back on track in a snap of one night, but it's been getting increasingly hard to do so, and thus I feel so OLD. Now it takes me at least 3-7 days to fix my sleep pattern, and this requires a huge amount of effort of either staying up for more that 24 hours or trying to sleep early. 

I mean I've stayed up for around 48 hours during the academic year, no sweat, but the fact that you know you're not "required" to stay up is really difficult. It's a task of looking at the time and checking if it's at least one hour past your current bedtime. My goal for tomorrow, well actually later, is to stay up to at least 4 pm. Plus a have a very important engagement at 2:30 that I almost forgot about. I finally finished arranging my clothes, but I think I have to re-do my laundry because the fabric softener scent didn't stick to my clothes, and I love it when I smell like a laundry shop.

My room is practically organized and all set for repacking for the dormitory. Thank God I was able to find a new roommate for this school year. Shout out to Dianne if ever you're reading this, which I highly doubt, because I don't link rant entries like this on my social media, so whoever is taking the time to actually read this, Hello stalker, let me cyber harass you with a really awkward hug.

I think I've gone over everything that I wanted to say. So I guess this is it for now.


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