The great escape

Oh how melancholic it is to be writing on this blog again. Even if I'm not constant in updating this blog, I've promised myself not to delete any of the entries that I've already written, because I almost always end up regretting doing so. As of now many things have happened in my life. I guess I've grown so much since the last time I made an entry. In all aspects, physically, mentally, emotionally. I'm all but thankful for the friends I've created the past year, and to my parents, for their unwavering support and love for all the choices that I've made, good or bad.

I've always imagined myself, to be put together once I've turned 20, but I guess things just don't work out the way you set them out to be. It is always in God's will. What I keep reminding myself, especially when I'm placed in difficult situations to the point where I ask myself if I am making the right choices, that God has a bigger plan for me. He is one of the reasons keeping me sane, and holding on to the choices that I've made. I know something great is going to happen in the future, I just know it. He just wants me to wait, and go pass through all these difficulties, because in the end, It will be worth it.

I guess it's sad that I usually turn to this blog for comfort, but it gives me peace of mind writing, to myself, that you know, everything is going to be okay. It makes me believe in myself more, when I feel that sometimes, even the people I care about has given up on cheering me on. It's tiring to help a pessimistic person, that's why I try my best to keep my problems to myself, but I'm just thankful for the reassurance that they are there, and someone does care.

I know that there will come a day I  look up this entry again, and I'll say how silly it is for me to worry. I hope anyone who is reading this and is in the same situation, to hold on a little longer, and have a little faith, because the good part is just around the corner.

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